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Analysis, Initial and Continuing Services

Step 1 - The Analysis.  The first thing we do in any engagement is analyze our Client's business.  Often Owners get confused about what is the real problem.  They might think the problem is a lack of profit.  That is not the problem - it is the symptom or result of a problem.  The real problem might be a lack of a good work-in-process management system to control their raw materials cost which is resulting in excessive waste and cost and lost profits. 

bulletWe take a detailed approach to determining cause and effect.   
bulletWe don't just study and tell you what your problems are in the analysis, we tell you what the solutions could be.  
bulletWe tell them what the cause is and what needs to be addressed to create a different effect than what is currently taking place.  
bulletWe leave them with detailed summaries of their current environment and a summation of their needs and recommended solutions.  It is our Client's decision whether to tackle the issues themselves or let us assist.  Either way, the company is on a track to better performance and profitability.

Step 2.  Initial Services.  We take the categories outlined in our Analysis and develop customized solutions for our Clients.  These are not plug and play solutions.  We don't plug our Client's details into the computer and spit out pre-developed solutions.  We develop and implement solutions that are specific to that Client's situation.  That might force us to delve into Client specific areas such as a database software package they are currently using to less than adequate results.  Or perhaps their aren't growing because they don't know the potential of the market in their geography.  Other Consulting firms don't want to work with IT or Market Definition unless they specialize in that area.  If that is what it takes, that is what we do.  Fortunately, we are experts at understanding how various pieces of a small and mid-sized business fit together and developing the appropriate work flow to maximize the operations for profitability.  If we must become experts on an obscure software package to assist our Client, then experts we become.  We attempt to hold down our Client's cost by performing as much work remotely as possible , either prior to or after our initial on-site session.  This allows the Client to get the solution without having to pay exorbitant fees.  However, for many Clients, the solution is just the start because they need ongoing support to ensure the effort they have spent so solve the problem is not wasted.

Step 3.  Continuing Services.  Developing and Implementing a solution for a Client is great.  Training and documenting on the solution is great too but often it just is not enough.  Implemented solutions need to be tracked against an expected norm and with all the information properly analyzed to ensure profit goals are on track.  Once analyzed, decisions must be made.  Clients often can't be expected to take solutions and then develop or understand reporting after a few weeks of initial solution development and implementation.  It is just too much to ask.  We know there is a better way.

bulletWe provide monthly or annual Continuing Services that help our clients with the reporting, analysis and decision making process.  
bulletWe are an extension of the management team without having to pay the cost to bring an expert onto the payroll.  
bullet Our Client's might utilize our Continuing Services for a time until they get comfortable performing the reporting and analysis and then making those decisions on their own.  
bulletMany continue to use those Continuing Services because we transition to more strategic activities such as organic growth planning and competitor benchmarking.  
bulletWe partner with our Client's for the life cycle of their firm.


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