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Mergers & Acquisitions

A merger or acquisition allows two business entities to join together by operation of law to realize economies of scale or other anticipated benefits.  In addition to business benefits, there are often substantial tax advantages as well.  Also, two companies that merge avoid substantial acquisition debt that often accompanies a transaction where one company simply purchases another.  The major disadvantages of engaging in a merger is ownership and control as an owner will own a smaller portion of a larger entity, and you will give up some measure of control to do so.  This sometimes means giving up a majority stake in the new company and thus greatly diminishing your ability to control the day-to-day management of the business.

Mergers have unique legal and financial complexities that require top-notch professional advisors.  Your lawyer will, no doubt, handle the legal documentation while your accountant will assist in the due diligence and tax implications of a merger.  However, your team of advisors is not complete without one additional advisor one who analyzes and advises as to the proper allocation of ownership and who understands the business and how to plan the organization and operations of the newly-merged entity.  

Planning Services


A merger or acquisition requires a lot of advanced planning to ensure its anticipated economic and operational benefits are brought to fruition.  Waterway helps companies navigate the uncharted waters of distributor consolidation.  We will help you put into place a well thought-out, achievable plan to ease the inevitable difficulties that arise as you prepare to consolidate operations.  This plan can include the following:

        Organizational planning and staffing

        Route design and development

        Assembly of third-party financing requests

        Business plans and supplier applications


For the buyer, the closing of the deal is just the beginning.  The success of an acquisition or merger is highly dependent upon its implementation and/or integration with existing distributor operations.  Total returns and payback periods can be significantly improved through proper implementation, helping you achieve the anticipated economies of scale and adding value to the existing operation.  Waterway can help you put it all together by analyzing pre-acquisition business processes and forecasting the anticipated requirements of the new entity:

        Pay-for-performance and other compensation plans

        Staffing optimization and manpower planning

        Sales and delivery route optimization 

Waterway can coordinate your team of advisors and help facilitate the smooth implementation of these complex business transactions.

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