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Our focus is always on profitability, whether it is your current operations, growth through an acquisition or the profitable sale of your business.  We are experts at analyzing a firm to uncover ways to maximize owner/shareholder cash flow and profits.                                                                                                    

Take a look at the attached Owner Concerns checklist.  Our typical initial step, the Analysis, is designed to explore these areas.  If you donít have concerns in any of these areas, or you donít think your business can be improved upon, then you are in great shape.  Many business owners conduct the Analysis to ensure they have not left any stone unturned or to verify their perspective of the business.  It is an annual check up Ė a financial physical.

From the Analysis to Initial and Continuing Services and through to M & A and Brokerage Services, Waterway helps our Clients every step of the way.

Initial and Continuing Management Services

Mergers and Aquisitions

Brokerage Services


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