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bulletUncover Causes not Symptoms – Often companies see the impact of a problem without understanding the cause.  Lower profit is a symptom or effect not the cause.  Our Consulting Services target  the cause.                                                                                                         
bulletNo Disruption – You are in business for yourself, your clients and your customers and not for us.  We conduct our work around your requirements.  Of course, we expect to disrupt the operations once we implement solutions but that is disruption we want because it leads to more profitability.                
bulletCompletely Confidential – We do not share your information with any third party or anyone in your organization you do not expressly identify.                  
bulletThorough – We look for ways to improve your profitability that might not even be considerations for you at this point.  There is an old saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know”.  You may be the best at the products you make or services you provide but need some assistance maximizing the businesses potential profit or market.  The same is true for our Brokerage Service.  We work extensively on valuation and the development of the deal package before we begin the marketing process.                                    
bulletProfit Impact – In all the work we perform, we benchmark against your best historical performance, not against some third party best practice that could have nothing to do with your situation.  We also discuss ways to improve beyond your historical performance.  Our M & A and Brokerage Services include net present value calculations as well as a variety of other valuation and cash flow methods to ensure the best option is chosen.

bulletCustomized and In Writing – Every aspect of each engagement is documented from the initial Analysis to the sale of the Business.  Our goal is for your business to improve while we are there and after we depart.


Jacksonville:    904-418-8968

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Toll Free Fax:    866-879-2418

Electronic mail:  General Information: info@waterwayusa.com


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